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September 10, 2017
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September 10, 2017
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Lessons For Life – English For Indonesian Speakers

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English for Indonesian Speakers combines 10 products in one package. Best value for money.

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Lessons For Life – English is an interactive multimedia software for English language teaching and learning.

Guided assistance is offered in Indonesian in order to help make learning as easy as possible.
Full Indonesian Translations are embedded within the software and can be turned on or off as an optional feature. Indonesian voice over guidance is offered in all main unit introductions. AudioMate Beginner Level also includes Indonesian Language Support in selected units. You will hear the English audio lessons first, followed by Indonesian language translations.

Lessons For Life – English can be used:
– By yourself
– As part of a course of study
– Or to supplement any level of English language study

Lessons For Life – ENGLISH: THE COMPLETE SET  combines the content found in 10 programs in one package:
1) English: Beginner Level
2) English: Intermediate Level
3) English: Advanced Level
4) Practical English Grammar – Part 1
5) Practical English Grammar – Part 2
6) Practical English Conversations
7) AudioMate: Beginner Level
8) AudioMate: Intermediate Level
9) AudioMate: Advanced Level
10) Interactive English Games

Lessons For Life – ENGLISH: The Complete Set consists of:
– 50 Units
– 450+ Interactive Activities, Grammar Exercises, and Tests
– 300 Practical Conversations
– 26 AudioMate Units
– 200 AudioMate Activities
– 1100 AudioMate Keywords & Phrases
– 4 Interactive Games to improve memory, vocabulary, and spelling skills


The Alphabet, Numbers, Days, Months, Weather, Time, Personal Information, Greetings, Family Relations, Body Parts, Descriptions, Food, Restaurants, Clothing, Shopping, Hotels, Airports, Introductions, Sports, Work, Requests, Telephones, Job Applications, The Arts, Marketing, Public Speaking, Technology, The News, Gifts, and more.GRAMMAR Set includes: Nouns, Determiners, Adjectives, The Present, The Past, The Future, Perfect Tenses, Verb Patterns, The Passive, Reported Speech, and more.

Lessons for Life English programs develop the specific skills needed to succeed in learning English, including READING, WRITING, LISTENING, SPEAKING, VOCABULARY, and CULTURE.Lessons for Life – English will help you learn or improve the English language skills you need to optimize your TOEFL/TOEFL IBT, TOEIC/TOEIC IBT, EILTS scores and succeed in education and business.

Full Indonesian Support; Comprehensive; Content based on internationally accepted curricula; American English; User-friendly interface with simple; intuitive, clear navigation; Interactive activities; Audio clips with written text support; Topic-based study; Practical daily conversations; Animated characters; A variety of exercise types; Ability to watch, listen, stop, and play audio/conversations at any point; Practice in pronunciation, formation, and use of all main grammar points.


Minimum System Requirements:
Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, ME, 2000; 
Intel Pentium/Celeron/AMD/Similar 667 MHz or faster processor; 128 MB RAM or higher; 800×600 resolution or higher; sound card; USB or DVD-ROM drive; 100MB free hard disk space when disc used or 3GB hard drive for digital download or using it from hard drive of the PC.


FORMAT Information:
1) Digital Download
Download size: 2,788MB
Download time: 10 minutes – 2 hours on broadband
Download info: Once your order is processed, you will be sent an email within 1 – 24 hours containing the required information on how to download.
2) USB Disc comes with 1 USB disc
3) DVDROM comes with 1 DVDROM disc
Intel Pentium/Celeron/AMD/Similar 667 MHz or faster processor; 128 MB RAM;
800×600 resolution; sound card; DVD-ROM drive or USB drive;
100MB free hard disk space when disc used or 3GB hard drive for digital download



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