English is all we do

‘Lessons for Life’ provides English course and nothing else! So you know that all of your courses were designed with you in mind. They do not believe in a ‘scattergun approach’, instead they want to provide English courses of the highest quality.

A comprehensive curriculum designed by experts in their field

‘Lessons for Life’ takes a scientific approach to English education: their courses are designed by leading academics from a wide spectrum of fields. Their curriculum is the product of some of the finest minds in English language teaching, English language research and linguistics. It is innovative, modern and cutting edge: bringing English to diverse communities across the world. ‘Lessons for Life’ is incredibly proud of their work and are confident that they provide the best English language education in the world.

Go at your own speed

‘Lessons for Life’ understands that no two language learners are the same, which is why their curriculum is so extensive: ‘Lessons for Life – ENGLISH: The Complete Set’ caters to every individual learning style and need. This means that whether you need to improve your English quickly: to nail that promotion or improve your educational opportunities, or you want to go more slowly and are learning for the sheer pleasure of it; ‘The Complete Set’ is the right choice for you.

No ordinary English course

The ‘Complete Set’ does the fundamentals exceptionally well: you get a healthy dose of grammar, reading, listening, vocabulary and writing. But, what really makes ‘The Complete Set’ different is the uncommon things it includes: cultural lessons, social etiquette, business language and speaking fluency, to name but a few. Such range and diversity can only be found at ‘Lessons for Life’: the English language experts.

Innovative and modern

‘Lessons for Life’ has been at the forefront of interactive English language software for 17 years: providing outstanding, easy to use software at affordable prices. They are proud of their technology, which has always been a trailblazer within the industry.

Proven Results

The ‘Complete Set’ is the result of nearly two decades of curriculum development: it has helped hundreds of thousands of students to speak English. Its methodologies are ‘tried and tested’, so you can be confident that your English will improve.

Click here, to purchase ‘Lessons for Life: English – The Complete Set’, to start forging new connections.

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