English Language Learning Suite for Schools:
1) The Complete Set
2) Assessment Lab Manager + Assessment Module

Lessons For Life – ENGLISH Language Learning Suite is a comprehensive language program for schools and institutions. It offers mastery learning in key language skills ranging from beginner through to advanced. Lessons For Life – ENGLISH programs develop the specific skills needed to succeed in learning English, including reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary, grammar, and culture. Lessons For Life programs can be used by any student of any ability or language background. Lessons For Life – ENGLISH can be used as a primary language-learning tool, or it can be coordinated with classroom instruction.

Lessons For Life – ENGLISH offers flexible learning and assessment modules for all educational institutions.

The Complete Set offers interactive learning modules for students to learn English. Assessment Lab Manager offers Assessment Administrative Tools and Assessment Software to test students extensively on each unit of Lessons For Life learning software. Assessment Lab Manager monitors and tracks all test activity and results.


Lessons For Life – ENGLISH: The Complete Set combines the content found in:

1) English: Beginner Level
2) English: Intermediate Level
3) English: Advanced Level
4) AudioMate: Beginner Level
5) AudioMate: Intermediate Level
6) AudioMate: Advanced Level
7) Practical English Grammar – Part 1
8) Practical English Grammar – Part 2
9) Practical English Conversations
10) Interactive English Games


Assessment Lab Manager + Assessment Module

Assessment Lab Manager is designed to test how much a student has learned from a particular unit of Lessons For Life – ENGLISH software. Test results are carefully recorded and reports are produced in detail. Teachers and school administrators can see

Assessment Lab Manager is a management and administrative tool for schools. It enables administrators to manage teachers and students using the Assessment Modules. individual student, class, or an entire grade’s progress from the admin consoles. Teachers can compare student answers to correct answers, and see what the students’ strengths and weaknesses are based on their test results. Strengths and weaknesses are categorized by different skill sets (i.e. vocabulary, reading, writing, listening, listening comprehension, grammar, and pronunciation). Assessment Lab Manager features powerful administrative tools and reporting functionality to manage and measure students’ progress, ensuring program consistency and providing quantifiable measurements of student success.

Assessment Lab  Manager offers 3 user consoles:

– School Admin Console  –  allows full admin control in setting up and running the Lab Manager.It offers many powerful and flexible features to schools.

– Teacher Console  –  offers rich and powerful tools to teachers. Teachers can allocate Assessment units to students, classes, grades; access summary reports of students’ work, as well as the answers and marks for each test; track usage and progress of individual students and classes, and generate reports.

– Student Console –  is designed for student use only. Students can do only the tests allocated to them by the school admin or teachers.  Students’ own test results and reporting functions are available to students if school admin allows this function in the Lab Manager.

Assessment Module – offers 2 separate tests for each unit of Lessons For Life learning software. All test results are monitored and tracked.

– Student Practice Tests – This allows students to test themselves on each unit of Lessons For Life learning module and get further practice towards the Assessment Tests. Teachers have access to all student practice test results. School admin has the function to decide whether students should see their test results at the end of the tests and compare their answers.

– Assessment Tests / Mastery Test – are achievement tests designed to confirm student mastery of unit material, and manage student access to more advanced levels. Each unit is tested extensively. Test results are monitored, recorded, and analyzed by the Lab Manager, which then produces detailed reports for the teachers and school admin.

Teacher’s Guides
Lessons For Life Syllabus provides a complete overview of the language and content of each unit,
allowing teachers to blend classroom instruction with Lessons For Life learning.

Format and License:
The Complete Set
– Windows 2000 – Windows 10
– Program is copied to the hard drive of each PC
– 3GB of free disk space required for installation
– Each PC requires a separate license
– PC License options: 1 year, 3 year, 6 year, or perpetual license

Assessment Lab Manager + Assessment Modules (Online Lab Manager)
– Online using Lessons For Life web portal
– Browser based
– No installation, no maintenance, no technical person is required
– Each school needs their own separate School Admin Console.
(School admin set up their own teacher, student profiles and allocate tests to their own students.)
– Schools need to purchase student licenses for each student.
– Each student needs a separate license/unique username.
– Student Licenses can be recycled by the school.
(When a student graduates from school or they no longer study English, the school admin can delete the old student profile/username from the list and reissue the license to another student.)
– License durations: 1 year, 2 year, or 3 years

Assessment Lab Manager + Assessment Module is an add-on option to The Complete Set for schools wishing to expand the flexibility and depth of Lessons For Life – English software.

Lessons For Life – ENGLISH: Education Catalog 2020
Download a pdf brochure from this link (5MB)

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