Helping you speak the language of business

English has become the main method of communication in an ever more globalized world, making it crucial to every successful business. Lessons For Life – English course has been designed by some of the foremost scholars in their respective fields, delivering almost two decades of verifiable results. So whether you need English for your executives, senior managers or general staff, a ‘Lessons for Life’ English course is the perfect way to help your business grow in the modern world.

Equips you with the skills that you need to succeed

We understand that business people need specific skills to be successful in a dynamic and fast-moving world. Lessons For Life – English courses reflect this: offering a particular focus on the ‘active skills’ such as speaking and writing, which are so crucial within a business context. With a ‘Lessons for Life’ English course you can be confident that you will be able to speak up in that important meeting; nail that important negotiation, and clinch that vital sale.

Fits your schedule

Most businessmen/women are incredibly busy people; the last thing that they need is an inflexible and restrictive English course taking up all their time. Hence, Lessons For Life have designed the curriculum accordingly: it caters to different learning styles and requirements, making it perfect for busy business people.

Fun and practical

The last thing that anybody wants after a hard day’s work is to spend several boring hours studying with complicated English software. At ‘Lessons for Life’ they understand this and their courses are entertaining and easy to use: guaranteeing that you stay motivated, while you are studying English.

The perfect investment

One of the best ways to grow a business is to increase the skill base within your workforce. ‘Lessons for Life’ business courses are the ideal way to do this: providing outstanding English training for a wide range of sectors. So whether you are a small business that wants to give yourself that competitive edge; or a large company that wants to install a permanent language lab, ‘Lessons for Life’ English courses are the right choice for you.


‘Lessons for Life – ENGLISH: The Complete Set’, is a comprehensive, interactive English language solution, offering full immersion and proven results. It has been designed by some of the foremost academics in the English language field. It incorporates all the skills, which you need, to thrive in the ever more globalized world of international business: including core skills such as listening, writing, speaking and grammar alongside business language and social etiquette. It is a trailblazer in the world of interactive English language solutions and will unquestionably give you a competitive edge.
For more information about ‘Lessons for Life – ENGLISH: The Complete Set’, follow the link below.


We also deliver outstanding corporate training solutions and language labs, providing your workers with all the tools that they need to succeed. We offer our comprehensive learning solution and innovative assessment software, which puts you in control of your employee’s development and progress.
For more information about our Business Language Lab solutions, ontact our friendly team of experts today.

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