About Us

Learn English and communicate with the world. The ability to read, write and communicate in English is essential for learning, living and conducting business effectively.

We specialize in selling English language software that teaches or enhances core English skills, which include reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary, grammar, and culture.

We sell English software to individuals, schools, and businesses. We also sell English language teaching lab software to educational institutions.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality products, service and information in our pecialized field, to assist with growing and learning.

To expand communication with all educators and communities, so they can embrace the new technology revolution and the tools to educate future generations.

To achieve our vision as a leading company of deep integrity and one that empowers and provides opportunities for growth, knowledge and goodwill for all stakeholders: managers, employees, our families, customers and suppliers.

Our Service to You

English language software programs we sell assist you to learn or teach reading, writing, and communicating in English.

English Literacy Software: Reading, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, writing and creativity for all ages.

ESL Software: English as a Second Language for students of all ages to help you read, write and communicate in English.

Remedial Literacy Software: For struggling students, adult literacy learners and those with special needs.
Highly recommended software programs have been selected from the reputable publishers around the world.

We are dedicated to excellent customer service, supplying superior software programs and supporting you with current information via mail order and through our web site.

If there is anything we can do differently on this web site or in our service to you, please let us know.


English Software is a distributor and reseller of English language learning software programs. English Software is a trading name of INTP Holdings Pty Ltd.


9450 SW Gemini Dr #22775, Beaverton, OREGON 97008-7105 USA


Toll-Free: 833-700-8833
Outside US: +1-833-700-8833


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